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Mini CHP turnkey construction is highly demanded service provided by SIA Motors & Transmissions. We offer highly efficient and economically sound way to provide heat and power energy to the organization.

Qualified staff of SIA Motors & Transmissions ensures high quality of performed works and compliance with the specified terms at all production levels:

  • preparation of quotation and conclusion of agreement;
  • engineering;
  • equipment order;
  • networks construction;
  • equipment installation;
  • start-up works;
  • commissioning;
  • training of the staff;
  • service maintenance.

Mini CHP has different characteristics which entirely depend upon real customers’ needs. At the engineering stage all aspects are taken into account – from energy consumption rates and construction cost to the best possible geographical location and possibility to provide prompt response in case of repair and etc.

Mini CHPs consist of generator set and hot water boiler. Power and heat load distribution as well as engine operation is achieved through automatic control system. As an engine mini CHP uses micro-turbine, gas turbine, gas piston and diesel-generator units.

Independent mini CHPs help to optimize your enterprise costs for heat and electric power.